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Things About 11 Effective Tips In Content Writing. Your Boss Wants to Know

   Many of you would have heard about content writing and wondered the exact nature of work that has been done by a content writer. Know more on content writing in this article.

What is a content?

   First of all let us know what a content is. Content is a piece of information that can be articulated through any medium of communications like Speaking, writing, video or any other form. The ultimate purpose of content is to reach the end user or any person to whom it should be conveyed.

It can be focused for a targeted audience or might be a generic one. Irrespective of the medium the information is conveyed, the message that has to be conveyed matters a lot.

11 Basic types of writers in Media and Content marketing in India

  • Brand Journalist
  • SEO copywriter
  • UX/Digital writer
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Subject matter expert
  • Influence
  • Social media writer
  • Advertising copy writer
  • Technical writer
  • Grant writer
  • Website content writer

How to become content writer

Are you someone who can express things well in your writings?

   Then content writing is your cup of coffee. Basically content writing is a skill that can be improved over a period of time. Each and every person have their own style of writing and thus each content is unique in its way.

But the content you produce should be marketable, only then the purpose will be met.

   Once you equip yourself with the skill of content writing, you should market yourself to find the right clients with whom you can improve your skills and grow. As a freelance writer you can work for multiple clients based on your availability.

    Pricing must be based on the time and effort spent by you. Make sure you explore each field in content writing and developing your skill set is the key to sustain and succeed.

11 Tips in content writing:

  • Be Crisp and clear
  • Make the content interesting
  • Start with question that interest people
  • Connect it with the readers
  • Avoid repeating the same content
  • Follow writing aesthetics
  • Avoid Long passages
  • Make Bulleted list
  • Use familiar words
  • Focus mainly on the subject
  • Make sure to use words that let this content to appear in search engines

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