How To Start Blog In WordPress in 10 Minutes – Step By Step Guide


Don’t hesitate or over thinking about blogging. It is a great time for you to build your audience and share your expert level knowledge.

Blogging is really a great adventure experience that every day your post is creating huge applause on the stage.

I am too scared and what i should do after creating a blog . How i actually have to create blog in wordpress.

To do blog two chances everyone has:

Drive your vehicle with your passion or hobby

Take trip on bus , i think you may be working professional yes means i say wow you can write about profession and make deep into that also can became expert too .when you reaching a more visitors while you will be a promotion.

  • Choose the domain name
  • Host your website
  • Install wordpress
  • Customize your wordpress theme for your blog theme.
  • Optimizing your website for search engines

Then almost finished you can start posting


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