How to Start a Blog in India in 10 Minutes


One of my friend is coder and we were close than I started to travel with internet and i come to know people can make money through online . then have desire to make so I started find how is it possible making money in online . I was so curious and when i looked into the internet .

I read many blog posts online for making money. I had decision that i should have one website first to share the value of information and to exhibit my technical talent too .

I was dream about buying a one domain . I have vision to start a digital blog.

I spend some money in browsing center for know the domain name availability . I checked more than hundred times. I had confusions in choosing a perfect domain name for my blog.

I finalized and domain price not such easy cost for me to spend when I want to buy. I started to save some amount for my blog . The day I was so happy that going to buy new domain but I don’t have bank account and not having Knowledge to use debit cards for purchase domain in online .
I know one guy who doing his business along with website domain name registration .

He bought one domain name in bigrock India’s most trusted web hosting and domain register

In the night i bought i could sleep as usual day. Very very energetic and so much of interest about create the quality content online than ever.

Web hosting:

It is about space and bandwidth . I have purchased shared hosting in hostgator such as one unlimited domain hosting and unlimited space . And response and support team from the company.

I recommend you this hostgator and cost wise affordable also please check with web hosting provider for cheap and best prices.

Blogging Platform install:

WordPress mostly used for blogging and am too love this platform . Many plugins are available in free of cost .
These plugins are powering wordpress into branded company in digital media.

Themes :
The blog looks and experience is mostly important factor that purely depend on theme what we using in it.

Themes are available in free of cost in wordpress official website but . Some premium wordpress themes are really makes awesome your blog looks .

Write Post :

Main thing in blogging is post and patience if you have these two things you can success in blogging. You have ready to create a effective and entertain post for your audience. That should be loved and shared .

You post create emotional to the audience.

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