How To Create Blog In Google Blogger for Free


Google’s blogger is mostly trusted blog service platform to create a free blog. Blogger is right now fully owned by Google. Anyone can create a blog with their Gmail account.

Most of the internet user who familiar blogs are used to maintain at least one blog for their passion. Bloggers are widely preferred and trusted brand in online who wants to start their blog with Zero Cost on investments with online promotion for building your brand.


Registering for blog name:

while sign up for Blog on blogger there is the main thing is choosing your blog name example your .

After creating you can change your blog name, anytime possible that depends on the availability of blog name. Don’t change blog name sequence because that affect your blog brand identity and traffics which helps to find your blog for visitors from various sources.

If you changed your blog to , you are blog name changes makes your visitors to 404 error while not redirecting to your changed blog address.







you can customize your blog as you wish by changing the theme and layout . In the layout you can add most useful widget .

 Creating blog on blogger

Creating a blog on blogger you will be asked to show as a default profile of you with Gmail account and you want to switch to different Gmail you can change it to create a new blog.

If you switch to another Gmail account means your blog is fully under the control of which Gmail account right now you have chosen to create your wish. You think don’t want to switch your Gmail account means you are blog having full administer authority of your default Gmail account that you signed in the chrome browser.


After creating you have to give title and name of your blog .you have to confirm to create a blog for click creating a blog button.  While Google custom domain asking you to buy the domain name if you’re looking for any customized domain name like .com, .org. except for


To create a post, left sidebar you can post text you can post text with picture and videos too. You can create a post with help of custom code. It is available you can preview and you can customize your post.



Stats are really Google update this feature recently. Then every blogger can create Google is too know about the traffics of website visitors we need to sign up for the Google analytics. You have to configure your blog and you will get Google analytics JavaScript code and we have to paste it into the head tag on our website.  By Default, i Stats will display the page views and traffic sources from various social media and multiple devices.


Comments that are some form of text appeared in the section where you have commented on your post. You enable your visitors to comments or if something is spam or unwanted you can delete it whenever you want comments are mostly encouraged to appear in the post behalf of the respective of the user who has mostly satisfied with your post it also represents the branding of your blog


You can start your earnings with Google AdSense through blogging. You can write any topic you like and it may be about something you have passion for it.  Writing unique quality post will Attract more visitors.You can generate more traffic depends upon your traffic you can earn more money through Google AdSense.  Google AdSense help you to earn more money through placing ads on your blog it answer depends upon your page views on your blog from various sources before applying for Google Analytics if you keep in mind that you have to be qualified for Google AdSense requirement for earning blog.


Google Adwords used to run advertisements on Google products and it associates with Google searches and your behavior. Advertisement campaign helps you where you can reach your content to your targeted audience through enabling digital advertisement you can reach your website to your targeted audience with effective way and your ads will show on Google search engine page result and Gmail Promotion, social, YouTube and other websites which are enabled google advertisement through google search API.


The layout contains the three main component that is left sidebar right sidebar main you can show their widgets when you want to display. Layouts or associated with website conversation rate activity related to the consumer behavior making user-friendly to Clicking.


Each theme has a different sidebar and widgets.
Each theme will showcase different sidebar and color that should be correlated with the main theme of your blog there is the main reason that relates with your theme and the color which you use it on your blog. keep your theme responsive for all devices and it should be compatible and it should be accessible friendly while traveling on a journey with your website.
left sidebar where we can add more useful gadgets are about me, blog achieve ,labels and report abuse in the main component .we can use subscription search bar header page list and   we can use featured post and AdSense should be shown that relevant advertisement to your visitors and   you can see the attribution the attribution mostly contains the Theme developer link and copyright you can mention the year.

In theme section various types of themes are available mostly used,  picture , window ,dynamic views ,simple and notable and Soho, contempo, travel


blog setting where you can change the title and description and privacy where you want to display on your blog Footer. In the search engines there is a publishing setting  where you can change your blogspot address and also you can set Redirection to the 3rd party URL of the blog

If you want you can choose the custom domain in which you bought already. through the some of the listing company you can use it and feature also available there is a permission setting and where you can authorize who using Gmail login can add a post on your blog and they can change anything they want you can make them as admin.

 Blog readers

In a Blog,  By Default Public Option enable you blog is opened to all readers can access without your permission. it makes more helpful to get visitors.

In Private Option, only Blog Authors can read your blog and other visitors could access your content  where Private Blog will be Displayed

Private – Only these readers :

In this Option makes your blog can be accessed by some particular authors who you want to authorize by Adding the Gmail account in the blog to read. if you want Restrict Blog to even authors except particular authors means it is best to switch over.


In the post section, you can customize to display the post how many you want to display on your blog and  By default 10 post will be displayed, you can change into 20 or 15 as wish. if you display more than 10 posts on the front Page of the blog, it makes your blog to gets completely load slow.

If Post have an image that should be clicked by visitors and you want to showcase this image through images viewer is called lightbox. You switch to yes for Showcase images with Lightbox.


anyone can comment your post with multiple options that followed on comments of your blog.

Who Should Comment on your post:

Anyone – who coming to your blog as Anonymous Users can comment with a name and email identity.

Registered User – who coming to your blog as Users can comment through Open ID that followed by some of the popular social media accounts can be used as contact identity.

User with Google Accounts – who coming to your blog as users can comment with Google Accounts

 Only members of this blog – it makes your member can only comment on your blog and not any other.

Comment moderation:

It allows you to display the commands of who posted on your post will be shown always otherwise Pending for Admin Permission.

Google + comments

User can commands on your blog through Google Plus account and google plus API

Share to Google+

share to Google Plus if you want to customize your Google Plus account with your blog you can do this by clicking the brand account which is listed in the section there is an auto-share feature is available that enable you to share your posts to your Google Plus profile which you have configured it and



You can use customized blogger email to posting on your blog and also you can add the mail that you want to receive commands notification from email


Language that you can choose the language which you want to use it, son, for example, Arabia Bangalore Chinese or some other languages you can use it. To enable transliteration you can choose that Enabled in which language you are going to use for visitors that helps your visitors to use the language you have enabled transliteration.   if you did not go to transliteration your blog, you may not attract other language speakers. formatting time zone you can customize the GMT in India we basically choose GMT 5:30 Indian Standard Time and Date header formats there is multiple ways of showing that date month and year

Example :





Search preference

Meta tags contain the description of your blog. you have to enable search description is yes.  You can choose the yes but then there is a one text area will be displayed you can type the description of your blog which enables you to appear are search engines.

Custom Page Not Found – if some page not found on the blog you can enable custom Message to your blog visitors that who experience 404 errors could know what you can display.

Custom Redirects:

Custom Redirect enables you to redirect from post or page of your blog to your blog to another page or post of your blog.

Google search console :

There is a Google search console is available you can add your blog on Webmaster tool of the Google by pasting custom meta tag generator .after pasting in your blog header you have to verify. It helps you to monitor the search analytics, website states, error, indexing status.

Custom robots.txt  :

It associates with site indexing with google. it mainly uses for you don’t want indexing on the google search engines, you can write robots code by using allow and disallow code.


Allow crawling of all content

User-agent: *


Sitemap: {{ site.url }}/sitemap.xml

Custom robots header tags :

It can be used by placing line of tag that on the head section of the blog, it also makes your particular page or post  to get blocked in search engines


You can take back up on your blog you can import or export whenever you need to do.  you can remove it by deleting a blog. you can see the URL redirection of the post feed URL on the post feed footer section allows you to add some of the text and link to follow.

If your blog contains post about adult content and blocks adult content visitors by enabling the warning, it will be asked that do you want to continue content is above 18 years old candidates.


You want start hassle-free mostly used blogging service and you have a passion for something that you want to earn, I think it is best with its features.



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