GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Review in 2019 – Know the Price, Performance, Speed

About company:

Godaddy was established in 1997 at Baltimore,maryland by Bob parsons. At first, go daddy was named as jomax technologies, later on it was renamed as GoDaddy group Inc in 2006 February. Godaddy is now successfully operating with its headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, U.S. Scott W. Wagner is the present Chief executive of the company.

Godaddy is the biggest domain registrar in the world with more than 6000 employees and 17 million customers. Godaddy makes it easy for its customers to register domain easily for it being simple, faster and more over cost affordable. The company’s performance is phenomenal that the company’s revenue is more than 2.3K million US dollar. Godaddy is traded as NASDAQ- GDDY (class A).


GoDaddy has been on the field for 20 years and the growth of the company has been remarkable.


GoDaddy web hosting is categorized as Starters, Economy, Deluxe and Ultimate.

The pricing starts from inr99/month. The service depends on the package selected by the customer.

Support and performance:

1. For Starters godaddy charge inr 99/month that can host a single website with 30 gigabyte storage.

2. Economy hosting provides basic resources at the price of inr 199/month. For starter sites they also provide 24/7 support and 100 gigabyte storage and free business email with 10 GB storage for 1st year. Business email will be automatically renewed until cancelled.

3. Deluxe hosting provides with more space and flexibility for multiple sites. Deluxe hosting includes economy features and unlimited websites, unlimited storage and sub domains at the price of inr 399/month.

4. Ultimate hosting package provides more power for complex sites and heavy traffics. This package includes deluxe hosting and high processing spend and memory, free SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate for one year and can be renewed automatically until cancelled. Free premium DNS and unlimited databases are one of the key features.


Speed is a main aspect in webhosting slow page speeds mean less visitors, lower revenue.

Hosting facts conducted a test on Godaddy for 10 months from 2017 december to September 2018 on the speed and performance and came up with the following data.

The below are the average load time of godaddy

Thereby with the reports, Godaddy is one of the fastest sites and it outclasses any other company in its performance.


GoDaddy help and support is available free of charge. Global support is also provided. Customer care of India can be reached by -040 67607600

Money back:

Godaddy provides refund with certain terms and conditions. Please make sure that you read every line of terms and conditions to ensure that you are eligible to avail refund. Once you are sure about that you can contact customer care for requesting refund.

Hope this article would have helped you in knowing Godaddy better.

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