How To Customize A Blog On Blogger


Blogging means a who runs a blog that activity let say blogging. Blogging is a widely used method to share a Digital form of content in online to target a different audience to perform the set of action goals.  Blogging is so easy to get started and run and also maintain. There are free blogging platforms are available to get the start. Blogging who doing we would say bloggers most of the bloggers are running there in the blog. Free blogging platforms available such as BlogSpot, WordPress, Tumbler, medium.

Blogging main components:

  • Header
  • Main Content
  • Sidebar
  • Footer


Major components to be appeared to get user experience and actions should meet the goals. You could see the logo, navigation, menu, social media link, search bar, call button, mail link, Cart.

The header should be customized with a mega menu to show off the post links to get the views.

Logo – it is the image that needs to be uploaded respective of the blog theme or business logo. It recommends using png image with good quality.

Navigation:  All links should be shown in header navigation menu without Broken Links and it should not open in New Tab. A menu should be come up with the default of the Pages some followed.

Post Category must be included in the Primary menu of the navigation in the header.

As user should get a clear direction for the purpose

  • About
  • Contact
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Disclaimer

 Social media link:

Social media is Whistle Blower for post sharing and spreading. Users want to get the post on their timeline when it is posted on your blog. Social media has a large impact on the digital media.

Top Social media Links to be created for getting the audience in short time.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google plus
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube

Search bar

Make it visible on the right side of the header and sidebar. The user can search the post and favorite topics on the blog

Main content or Post:

Each post is displayed with Meta, Category, Tags, Title, Feature Image, and Content.

Lots of Different Post Type can be displayed in the main content.   The content page consists of an article that can be in different forms such as

  • Audio+ Image + Text
  • Image+ Text
  • + Text



It is about date and category. The post should be displayed with the date of Published and it can show with Different types of format. You may be well known already I think.

  • 05/06/2018
  • 06/05/2018
  • 05/June/2018


It is about the Post that belongs to which Category. Most of the blog Post category is contained Uncategorized and another category respective of the blog. A post should contain Maximum of 2 Category.


Tags are considered as important keywords that used in the post and various tags are used to show important subjects has discovered in the post. Tags are displayed with five minimum.

Featured image:

Featured Image has to be optimized for good quality and fast loading Focused. Stock Free Photos are recommended to use which has CC License.

Many Online Designing Tools are available to use and Freebies .

where you get high quality images for free with license .

26 Places To Get Free Stock Photos in Royalty Free For Commercial Use

Post Title:

Post Title should create interest in users mind when they read it out. Post title must contain important keywords to get quick attention and to get more visitors in organics traffic.


It is about the section where you can multiple widget and plugins as you want. The layout is associated with the sidebar. You can customize the sidebar through coding and be installing the some plugins on your WordPress blog.

Most of the blog is using the right sidebars to get some actionable goals to perform.

The sidebar is contained a different set of Widgets.


Widgets are mainly used on the blog and Website Designing tool where you can add something’s to perform.

In this section, the user can see some useful widget, widgets, will show the plugin. Functionality and default function that relates to the post. The sidebar should customize where the user can feel experience it is related to user behavior and experience.

Important Widgets for adds in the sidebar.

Search, recent post, category, comments, archive, tags, social media follow button,

Email subscription, popular post, video.

 Social media follow button:

You can display the social media links to your account to get likes and get followed. To build your audience.

Recent Post:

It displays the recent post Title where users can click the Link to visit the post. By default displayed with 5 posts in the sidebar.


It will show the List Category that Post which is Published under it.


It will show the List tags of all post.


The user can say about your post Reviews as Positive Feedback and Negative Feedback in some time. But Mostly Spammer are higher so you have to Trash it.

Email Subscription:

Visitors can get the post in their email when it was published. Many newsletters are highly generating the traffics from the email.


You can add video to the sidebar and show the YouTube channel subscription button. Visitors can subscribe the channel and visit the channel to view the videos.


This section you can find. Bottom of the blog. It essentially comes to that navigation menu pages.   Main pages, special pages, social media links, tweets, video, copy the right link.

Navigation Links:

Pages of the blog should be displayed in the particular column such as Main Menu .

Social Media Tweets:

Some blogs are embedding the tweets in the column of the footer.

Copyright Link:

You can display Copyrights related links in your footer.   such as Theme where you get it from or who developed this blog or hosting provider


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