How Much Cost for Build a Website in india

In India, there are plenty of web hosting providers in the market you may be fulfilled with Lots of Confuisons that wich one is suitable  and either providing excellent margin price in present but keep note we may not assure about future support and Downtime of the Server.

I have purchased in Big rock I had a domain and web hosting too, Whenever i have Problem , my situation of a Problem Recover is so much easy than  approaching the support team from bigrock  . I feel satisfaction in my web hosting and Domain Products from bigrock . 

I do not want you to feel the same. So I would like to make you purchase global and world class web hosting service. When I was being an undergraduate student in my college, over interest on the internet and having a dream to create a website and I have the aspiration to become web designer so I love designs of web pages and it’s transitions.

Due to the financial crisis, I could not create at the time but I have tried many blogs such as,,,, and many more.

Few things considered before creating a website.

How to Register Domain Name and Setup a Blog in WordPress at BigRock

Domain name:
Website name is called domain name along with extension such as top-level domain name .com, .in, .org, .net
You have to choose this extension along with your domain name
Some rules to be followed to take the decision of country and target audience.

Domain names are mostly not competitiveness in purchasing on other web hosting company.

You can buy almost same price on web hosting company. And sometimes price would vary a little bit. I am sharing world-class domain booking coupon and company.

Price in Rupees from 550 – 990 with GST

How to Start a Blog in 5 Steps

Web hosting:
Web hosting is called Your website space. it has some major features that need to considered before buying the web hosting plan . but you don’t need fear about it because most of the companies are offereing 30 – 6o days mone back gurantee .

To Consider

  • Unlimited space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited subdomain
  • Unlimited database.

These things are more important on web hosting.
I would like to share the best website host company coupon link
where you can buy your dream website. After purchasing the domain name you get an invoice from Bluehost in email., you have to buy web hosting host your website to run.

Price in Rupees from 3800 – 4500 with GST

you get review from the most of the web hosting Providers .

The Best Cheap WordPress Hosting for Blog in 2019

How to host a website

You can see web hosting plan you can buy which fits you, While purchasing hosting you have to give your existing domain or you can buy a domain name on web hosting. You have completed your web domain name and web hosting purchasing. You can see name servers on domain properties. You have to paste your web hosting name servers.

Web Designing Cost :

Approaching for website designing cost would be around the 5000 Rs as Starting Price for small Web designing company. it would vary depending on the Customization of the Website designing and functionality.

if you host your website independently around 6000 rs for Domain name + Web Hosting and Web Site Designing will be charged depend on your requirement it basically starts with 5000 rs is better

if you host your website you having control of website authority and you don’t need to fear about your domain when you miss your website designer.

Totaly around 9000 rs around because you have purchased best Hosting plan and domain from them.

I am running a web design company if you looking for any service with your budget of 7000 RS , ping me


Generally, the price to maintain a website in India starts from $40 to $60 per year but it entirely depends on your requirements. if you are unlimited hosting space and you purchased many servers and etc . it would vary in price

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